Los Padres National Forest

Usda Forest Service, California.

A view of the Los Padres National Forest.The Los Padres National Forest features mountains, streams, rivers and beaches. Weather can vary throughout the forest and altitude ranges from sea level on the Monterey Ranger District, to almost 9,000 feet on the Mt. Pinos Ranger District.

Important Information

Accessible Recreation Opportunities

A continuing goal of the Los Padres National Forest is to make the recreational opportunities accessible to persons with disabilities. Although many of these areas already have wheelchair-accessible campsites, restrooms and trails, we are continuing to make more sites accessible.

Accessible Sites

The Forest Service has adopted the universal design approach to site accessibility which takes into consideration the differing physical capabilities of visitors. Not all locations/facilities are 100% accessible because the forest is continually adding new accessible sites. Please call ahead to the Ranger District for more information.

Camping and Day Use

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