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Welcome to Mount Evans, the 14th tallest 14er in Colorado at 14,264 feet. It also happens to be the highest paved road in North America! On the 14-mile one-way drive, you can stop at Mount Goliath Nature Center, Summit Lake Park and the Summit Interpretive area of Mount Evans.

When you drive up the road and get above tree-line, you will be entering an alpine environment where the Mountain Goats, Marmots, and Bighorn Sheep call this place home year-round. You can also walk amongst the alpine wildflowers as well. It’s a harsh environment, but the plants and wildlife are well adapted to live on Mount Evans. The different environments on Mount Evans are one of a kind, and we want to keep them sustainable and be able to be visited for years to come. To help protect the purity and uniqueness of the area, we ask that you learn and practice ‘’Leave No Trace’’ ethics.

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